Ramsey McDonald, one-time prime minister of England, was discussing with another government official the possibility of lasting peace. The government official to whom Mr. McDonald was speaking was an expert on foreign affairs, and was unimpressed by the prime minister's idealistic viewpoint.

He remarked cynically, "The desire for peace does not necessarily ensure it."

Mr. McDonald said, "Quite true. But neither does the desire for food satisfy your hunger; but it at least gets you started toward a restaurant!"


Rom 8:28
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.


The desire for a true ban on abortion has not brought about that goal. But the desire for that goal has brought about some changes in our government's view of abortion.

Just yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court determined it was legal to ban partial birth abortions. In case you're not familiar with this procedure, it involves terminating the life of a late-term child. The baby is brought into position backwards from normal delivery. The head is left inside the mother. Then a doctor penetrates the head, vacuums the brain, and declares the child dead.

That's a particularly heinous procedure in my view! And many other Christians have agreed!

The Scripture above states that "ALL things work together for GOOD to them that LOVE God..."

It has not been good that many children have been murdered by the above-stated procedure.
It has not been good that many expectant mothers have allowed their babies to be killed in order to assure their social standing and opportunity for "free life."
It has not been good that guilt associated with abortion has been flooding the souls of those who have allowed it.
It is not good that many of our citizens in this country still believe the aforementioned procedure to be a valid means of utilizing the rights of mothers.

But it HAS been good that many Christians have voiced the truth about killing babies.
It HAS been good that the moral truth of the Bible has been used to show abortion as a crime when it is unnecessary.
And it IS good that the outcry of those who have genuine respect for all life has been heard.

All things do not necessarily work toward "good" for all people.
But all things DO work toward good for those that LOVE God!
And it is especially so when God's people WORK!

Love ya,