During the civil war, a Captain was shot off his horse. He jumped up bleeding, and said, "All the hosts of heaven, help me get back on my horse!"

Then he made a might leap, and jumped clean over his horse!

He dusted himself off, looked up, and said, "Ok! Only 2 or 3 of you help this time!"


Heb 13:2
Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for hereby some have entertained angels unawares.


Did you ever stop to think that angels might help you in some weird ways?

For instance, perhaps you went to the car, ready for work, only to find a flat tire? Did you stop to thank God?
Perhaps He didn't want you on the road at your usual time; there could have been an accident He helped you to avoid? It could have been an angel that caused that flat!

Angels do watch over God's people. And sometimes we meet them face to face.

I'll never forget the first sermon I preached. I had prayed, asking God to show me if this was what he wanted in my life. And I had asked if it were God's will, that He would show me by someone receiving Christ that day. A young girl came down the aisle that day to receive Christ!

I talked to her mother later, and found out that she hadn't been asking any questions. It was a total surprise to her mother when she went down that aisle! Several years later, I had the privilege of performing the wedding ceremony for that little girl!

But that wasn't all. After the service, a man came up to me and shook my hand. He said, "That was some good preachin' brother."

I'd never seen that man before! And I never saw him again!

God has angels all around watching over His people!

Are you AWARE of them? Are you MISSING them?

Love ya,