Back in the 1940's, at "family time" one night, Mom and Dad gathered their six boys around the table to look at family pictures.
They had fun remembering and laughing.
Then there was a picture of the five oldest brothers together.

The three-year-old let out a "HEY!" and then said, "Those guys are wearing MY clothes!"
Gen 35:29
And Isaac gave up the ghost, and died, and was gathered unto his people, being old and full of days: and his sons Esau and Jacob buried him.

Jacob now had twelve sons.
Those would become the twelve tribes of Israel.

God had promised Abraham that his descendents would be so many they would be like the "sands of the sea." From these twelve tribes would come an innumerable host.

Isaac died while in Hebron (vs 27), and only about 20 miles from Bethlehem.

Jacob and Essau, TOGETHER, buried their father.
It is noteworthy that these men had become content with their places assigned by God and their own actions.
They were at peace with one another.

Later their descendents would war with one another.
And today, some 4,000 years later, they are STILL warring with one another.

Folks, society is not progressing, it is regressing!

In years past, people lived miles from one another, walked or rode horses, but KNEW their neighbors.
Today, we drive home into our self-enclosed garages, and don't even know the neighbors next door!
In years past, people in an area would travel miles each Sunday to attend church.
God was the center of lives and society.
Today, those living closest to the perimeter of the church are the ones who never attend.
It seems we have alienated ourselves by our own seclusion.

In years past, churches were a "help-center" for the hurting, and an "outreach-center" for the lost.
Today, most churches are just social clubs for the religious, and notably unconcerned about the hurting and the lost.

As Christians, let us determine to "reach out" with the Gospel of Christ and peace to ALL our neighbors.

Love ya,