Sam had been a faithful Christian all his life.
He had worked hard.
Now, he had a nice retirement income and decided to enjoy life.

He bought a sports car, some nice leisure clothes, and began traveling.
He came across an old high-school friend that had become a plastic surgeon.

So Sam got a nose job, a face lift, bought a wig, and grew a mustache.

Then Sam had a wreck in his new sports car and died.
When he got to heaven, he asked Saint Peter why he hadn't had time to enjoy retirement.

St. Peter said, "Let's go ask the Lord."
When Sam asked Jesus, He said, "OH! Sam! I didn't recognize you!"

Lev 6:13
The fire shall ever be burning upon the altar; it shall never go out.

God had rescued Israel from slavery and bondage in Egypt.
He had miraculously provided salvation from their tormentors.
Now, God was giving them instructions about how to live in relationship with Him.

The altar at the tabernacle represented the prayers of the people.
It was a reminder that they were to come willingly with their sacrifices, and offer them prayerfully.

That altar also was a reminder that they were to communicate with God daily in personal prayer.

A daily personal prayer life is vital to an experiential relationship with God!
Praying is a communicative manner of experiencing God's personal interaction in our lives.
If we are to experience God in our lives daily, we must speak with Him daily!

There are times when we need an extraordinary realization of His closeness, love and help.
During those instances, we should set aside more time for prayer.

Praying is also a communicative manner of experiencing God's personal interaction in others.
We should pray for our family, church, neighbors, co-workers, missionaries, armed services personnel, our country, and many other people and ministries.

Remember, your heart is an altar of sacrifice to God.
Keep the fires burning EVERY day!
Be recognized!

Love ya!