An optimist is a father who lets his son drive the new car alone.
A pessimist is one who wouldn't.
A cynic is one who did.


Lam 3:57-58
57 Thou drewest near in the day that I called upon thee: thou saidst, Fear not.
58 O Lord, thou hast pleaded the causes of my soul; thou hast redeemed my life.


If ever there was a man who had cause to doubt God's closeness, protection and provision, it was Jeremiah. He prophesied the truth as God revealed it. For that, he was placed in chains, put in the dungeon, dropped in a pit, then confined to the courtyard. Then, after all his prophecy had been refused by the people, he was carried away to land where he had prophesied that all who escaped there would die.

Yet Jeremiah affirms God's nearness, " the day that I called upon Thee: Thou saidst....." He also affirms God's assurance, "...Fear not!"

Yes, sometimes it feels as though God is far away, but He is always as near as our next breath, which we may use to call upon Him. His closeness brings assurance....we have no need of fear when we are constantly in His presence.

And God Himself "pleads our cause." Let us be grateful, for God stands between us and circumstances. He stands between us and those who would be our adversaries. Whether we feel it or not, God Himself stands on our behalf and intercedes for us.

We can, along with Jeremiah, say that our Lord has redeemed not only our souls, but also He has "redeemed my life." Yes, God has ransomed our souls with the blood of Christ and snatched us from the clutches of sin. But God has done even MORE.

He has made our lives count for something more than we could. He has made us a witness to Himself! He has "redeemed my life" in that He has made it useful to serve His purposes.

Let us toss out the doubts and fears which detract from peace and joy.
Let us seek after a personal experience of our Lord's closeness.
And when we realize it, let us praise Him with assurance and confidence.

Love ya,