A family was leaving church and going home.

Dad said, "That sermon was a little long."

Mom said, "Did you see Mrs.... in the choir? How dare she sing in the choir while she's divorcing her second husband!"

The teen girl said, "Johnny told me my braces made me look skanky!"

The little boy said, "All-in-all, it was a pretty good show for $5, huh Dad?"

Rom 2:1-2
1 Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself;
for thou that judgest doest the same things.
2 But we are sure that the judgment of God is according to truth against them which commit such things.

The statements here presented apply to "O man"... or ALL mankind.

Man is "inexcusable" because he has no plausible excuse for failing to both acknowledge God and live by God's principles.
We are ALL sinners ( Romans 3:23).

The word "judgest" is taken from the Greek krino, which means to determine, or to condemn.
Paul was not talking about a judge on a bench delivering a statement concerning ones legal or illegal actions.
He was talking about people having a condemning attitude toward others because of personal prejudice.

Just because a person doesn't live like I do, doesn't mean he's worthy of condemnation.
We are, after all, ALL sinners!
I deserve condemnation of God as much as ANYONE!

But God has been gracious to me, a sinner.
And, by His Holy Spirit, and His chosen people, God called me out of sin's condemnation into Jesus' salvation!
PRAISE GOD for His gracious gift!!

A condemning attitude in a church is an awful evil!
It destroys the church from the INSIDE!

Now, may I never have a condemning attitude toward others.
Rather, let me show them God's offer of salvation through Christ.
And, when other Christians are having difficulty, let me link arm-in-arm
with them and HELP them!

And let all know that when God does sit in "judgment", He does so according to "truth."
God knows the life of each person from beginning to end.
We do NOT!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce