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After attending church with his father one Sunday,
and before getting into bed that evening,
a little boy knelt at his bedside to pray.

He said, "Dear Lord, we had a real good time at
church today, but I do wish You had been there."

Ex 20:3
Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

LIGHT from the WORD.

There was no other commandment with which Israel,
in the Old Testament, had so much trouble as this first one.
They had been enlightened as to the True and Living God,
yet they took on the superstitions of others.

There has been no other commandment with which
also Christians have had so much trouble!
After having confessed Jesus as Lord of all, the church
of today STILL takes on the superstitions of others!!

So many Christians are fraught with the same difficulty
as the Israel of the Old Testament!

Oh, most of us don't worship golden calves,
but we have our "baals" of different kinds and types.
Some worship fortune, fame, or even intellectualism.
Some worship children or even grandchildren.
Some worship work.
Some worship self, and it is evident in a "gimme" or
"please me" attitude.
And still some others try to reinvent God by redefining
Him narrowly or to fit our own expectations.

There is only ONE True and Living God!
And He has expressed himself fully in the Person of Jesus Christ!
The Bible is the revelation of our great Creator, Sustainer
and Eternal Savior.

But, so many Christians spend more time with:
the TV than the Bible;
athletics than prayer;
trading off pleasure, instead of telling others of JESUS!

Oh! Come! Let us truly worship HIM!

Let us place JESUS at the CENTER of our lives and
plan all our activities around Him!
Let us expend our energy and resources for His glory,
and not our own pleasure!
Let us demonstrate to the world by our livelihood that
we are "accepted in the Beloved!"

Let us, as Christians, spend more time with CHRIST!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce