At 41, I was playing in a two-man scramble with Fred Hooter.
Fred's been the long drive champion 3 times.

We had the tee.
The hole was 365 yards.
I drove one about 250.
Fred stepped up & drove it on the green!

I turned to our partners and said,
"When I grow up, I'm gonna hit like that!"

1 Cor 3:1
And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual,
but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ.
Eph 4:15
But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things,
which is the head, even Christ:

LIGHT from the WORD.

There are some wonderful things to remember if you are a
new Christian.
*You are "accepted in the Beloved" Jesus! (See Eph. 1:6)
*You are bought with the blood just like any Christian.
*You are adopted just like any Christian.
*You have access to the Throne of God just like any Christian.
*You can read your Bible and be taught by the Holy Spirit.

You may be a "babe" in Christ, but you have many
wonderful and joyful blessings.

HOWEVER, God does not want you to REMAIN a "babe"!
God's desire is that you "grow up into Him (Jesus)"!

You cannot say, "I'm safe," and not want to experience MORE
of this Father Who has brought you into His family.

On this earth you will not reach the pinnacle of being
"the fulness of Christ." (See Eph. 4:15)

But you are to constantly STRIVE to reach that mark!

At 73 now, I can only hit the drive about 220 yards.
But my fingernails still GROW.
What little hair I have STILL grows!

And, my spirit grows as long as I continually learn
more about my Lord.

Are YOU growing?

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce