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Jer 8:21-22
21 For the brokenness of the daughter of my people I
am broken; I mourn, dismay has taken hold of me.
22 Is there no balm in Gilead?
Is there no physician there?
Why then has not the health of the daughter of my people
been restored?
NASU __________________________________________________

LIGHT from the WORD.

Yesterday, March 29, 2020, the CDC reported the following:
122, 653 reported cases of COVID19 in the USA,
2,112 deaths from the same COVID19 in the USA.
These reports are over about a 90 day time frame.

That means, of our some 331+ million residents that
.00037 have been infected with that virus.
Of those who have been infected .017 have died.

YES! It is a serious virus.
YES! You could be infected.
YES! We should all maintain safe living as much as
is possible.

NO! Let us not make light of this sickness.
BUT! Let us look farther than the PHYSICAL!

For instance, in the same time frame, over
231,000 babies have been killed through abortion!
And, in the same time frame, over 18,000 deaths
have been reported due to alcohol related causes!
THESE are SPIRITUAL sicknesses!!

Sicknesses, diseases, war, earthquakes, volcanoes,
deaths of all kinds happen because there is
SIN in the world!
It is MUCH worse than a virus!!

But there is GOOD NEWS!!!
There is a CURE for sin-sickness!
There is a PHYSICIAN Who can SAVE!

We send ill people to doctors and hospitals to be healed.
Let us send the SPIRITUALLY ill to JESUS!!
He is the ETERNAL cure for an ETERNAL illness!!

Have YOU shared the Gospel with someone lately?

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce