I remember when I left home some 51 years ago.
I was going to work part-time with a large grocery chain, and go to college full-time.

When I left, Dad gave me enough money to fill up my gas tank. (If he did that now, he'd hafta take out a loan!)
And he also gave me an envelope.
He told me to put the envelope in the glove compartment of my truck, and if things got me "down," then I should open the envelope.

After three semesters of working nights and going to school during the days, I was really getting "down."
I remembered the envelope and opened it.

It said, "Here's how to find the nearest unemployment office......"

Ps 25:5
Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.

Sometimes the weight of life seems to burden us more than other times.
And when it happens we get a little "down."
At those times it's good to remember that the "God of my salvation" is a teaching, guiding, and helping God!

He is the God Who called us when we were steeped in sin, and invited us to make a "U-turn" on the road of life.
He gave us mercy and forgave our sins, and supplied us with grace to help us on our new way.
He is the God of love, care, concern.
He is the God of the Son's atonement and the Spirit's quickening.

He is also a teaching and guiding God.

David was a very wise man, and obviously quite skilled in personal relationships.
But he admitted ignorance in spiritual matters and looked to God for instruction and guidance.
It would be good, if we with all our scholastic achievements, realized our ignorance of true spiritual life, and pleaded with God for instruction and guidance.

We need to be daily in God's "School of Grace," and learn the truths that have eternal value.
We should study those truths and ask God to "teach" us the application of them to our lives.

Not only do we need to learn the truths of God, but we need to apply them in our daily lives.
It is of little use to know truth if we do not apply it.

It's interesting to note here, that the word for "wait" is the Hebrew qavah, meaning bound together or intertwined.
While I am waiting on God, I should be intertwined with His teaching with the intention of applying it to my decision making.

When things in life get you "down," then DON'T become UNEMPLOYED!

Employ yourself in study of His Word, and
study the Word with the intention of applying His truths to your decision making.

Love ya!