Picasso, the great painter, once asked his friend to look at his latest painting which was yet unsigned.

The friend looked at the painting, and studied it closely. He looked at it from different angles.

Then he said, "Whatever you do, be sure you SIGN it. That way, everyone will know which is the TOP!"

2 Tim 2:1
Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

Sometimes, we live life not knowing which is up and which is down.
Events in life tend to toss us around.
Actions we cannot control catch us unexpectedly and knock us off our feet.

It's then that we need to remember who we are!

We are God's children, and grace flows to meet us in every position of life.
We are IN Christ, Who is the "Head" of the "body."
Just as blood flows to every part of the body, the grace of Christ flows to meet each and every child of God.

There is Grace, to pardon, to cleanse, to console, to strengthen, to enlighten, to quicken, or to restore.
And that grace is constantly poured out from Christ freely and without price.

Access to this free grace is through Christ and a daily personal relationship with Him.
He has grace abundantly IN Himself.
Yet Christ does not reserve that grace for Himself, He continually pours it out for our benefit.

Just like the fountain spring in the mountain, grace is springing from Christ at every moment.
We must only come to the Fountain in faith.

The only thing that's difficult is that sometimes life is so topsy turvy that we forget to visit the Fountain of Life.

It is by grace we are saved.
It is by grace we grow in faith through study, prayer, ministry and mission.
And it is by grace that we endure the topsy turvy roller coaster ride of life.

Visit the Fountain daily.
Draw grace from Him Who will do "...exceeding abundantly more than we ever ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us" (Ephesians 3:20).

Love ya!