A young preacher, fresh out of seminary, caught a train to his first church.
He was seated beside an elderly man who was obviously from the country.

The young man began studying his Bible, and writing notes.
The elderly man asked, "Whatcha doin' there son?"

The young preacher answered, "Writing notes for my sermon."

The elderly man said, "Wow! I've been preachin' now nigh onto 40 years,
and I NEVER write notes! Don'tcha know, son, that if ya write down them
notes, the devil can look over yore shoulder and know what yer gonna say?
Now, you take me, fer instance. I just take a Scripture and I ponder it for a
few days. I don't write nuthin' down. Why, by the time Sunday mornin' comes,
even God don't know what I'm gonna say!"

Maybe that's where we got the old saying: "preaching out of his head!"

1 Cor 7:20
Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called.

Some people believe that if they aren't pastors, evangelists, or missionaries,
then they aren't serving God.

But it isn't an "office" that counts.
It's the genuineness of serving Christ where we are that counts!

A Christian can be:
a pastor in his/her own home;
an evangelist in his/her own neighborhood;
and, a missionary where he/she works.

We glorify God by being what He "called" us to be:
Christians showing faith in Christ.

There's a good old spiritual saying that applies well here.
"Blossom where you're planted!"

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce