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I remember when I would hint to Mom that we
should have some ice-cream.

She would mix all the ingredients and put them in the
gallon container.

But guess who had to turn the crank on the freezer!!

Matt. 5:6
Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:
for they shall be filled

LIGHT from the WORD.
In order to DESIRE something, we must first realize we
do not HAVE it!

We need a Holy Spirit-led DESIRE to be like Christ in
perfect righteousness.
And, we need to SET that desire as a GOAL so that we
can WORK towards it!

To work toward having ice-cream is ATTAINABLE
in this physical life.

But we must be REALISTIC about working toward this goal
of being perfect in righteousness!

It is a goal that is IMPOSSIBLE to reach in, and of, ourselves!
This goal can ONLY be obtained through Christ Jesus!

Yet, it is a goal to be SET by those who have SURRENDERED
to Jesus as Lord.
And, we are to HUNGER after it!
We are to THIRST after it!

When you hunger or thirst, you set a goal to find food or water.

When you are saved, and given God's Holy Spirit, you have
They are SPIRITUAL desires!!

RIGHTEOUSNESS -- equity in character.
HUNGER after it!!
THIRST after it!!

SEEK God's will through study of His WORD!
And, let His Word GUIDE you in all decisions!

THEN, one blessed day you will be FILLED!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce