A person with six children is more content than a person with six million dollars.

The reason?
The person with six million dollars wants MORE!

Phil 4:11
Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

Contentment is something that must be learned.
As he wrote this, Paul was an older man.
He was in prison and about to be executed.

Contentment did not come naturally, it came as a result of disciplined education.

One need not sow weeds and thorns, they grow naturally.
Neither must one sow discontent, malice, covetousness, etc.
They are seeds that grow naturally to man.
However corn, wheat, beans, etc. must be sown and then cultivated in order to grow and bear fruit.
And so it is with peace and contentment.

Contentment comes with progressive work.
The natural man must be first given a new spirit.
Then that new spirit must desire the fruit enough to cultivate the plant.
It takes time and hard work to cultivate contentment.

Notice Paul's statement, "I have learned..."
He spoke in the present tense about experiences in the past.
It was not something he had before, but something that came as a result of disciplined education.
He had experienced pain, suffering and sorrow.
And he was again experiencing the same.
But he had learned...

Would you, Christian, experience contentment in the difficulties of life?
Then remember, you are a new creature in Christ Jesus.
The seed is planted, you must cultivate.

Read the Word.
Heed the Word.
Live the Word.
Let disciplined education cultivate the plant until the fruit is received.

Love ya!