Jeanie and Margaret were 7 years old.
Jeanie came over from next door to play.
Margaret's Mother had just spanked her for being bad, and Margaret was feeling lonely.

Jeanie told Margaret that if she prayed and asked Jesus to forgive her of sins,
she would be saved and would go to heaven.
Margaret wanted to know if her Mom would be in heaven too.

Jeanie said, "Sure. If your Mom believes Jesus and prays and asks Him to forgive her.
But,... if you don't WANT your Mom in heaven, then don't tell her about Jesus!"

Eccl 4:10
For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth;
for he hath not another to help him up.

Our streets in America are full of people with that feeling today.

You can hear the cries of loneliness everywhere today:
in nursing homes among the sighing and shuffling of feet,
in prisons with the shame, crying for mercy,
in the homecoming courts of high schools, because some young girl aborted
a child to keep from missing out on what she thinks is life,
in the home of the socialite, where fame has become a barrier to friendship,
even in home of the rich, because caring for money and things consumes time
and leaves none for companionship.

Loneliness knows no barriers.
It reaches from the rich to the poor, from the famous to the failures,
and from the single to the married.

A widow cries for a departed husband.
A young man in uniform waves goodbye from a ship, tears in his eyes.
A young man who's always on the outside of the social circle, looking in,
cries because no one notices him.
The drunk on the street at night - homeless - alone.
The methamphetamine addict, with rotten teeth and unkempt hair,
who can only drown the sorrow of his loneliness in more meth.

People feel despair.
People need JESUS!

Solomon recognized loneliness as a person who had fallen,
and had no one to help him get back up.

Most loneliness is because people lack the companionship of the Friend of all friends.
A person who knows Jesus may feel loneliness, but he will never be alone.
Jesus will always be there to help him up.
The sweet friendship of Jesus calms the loneliness and inspires the broken-hearted.

The cure for loneliness is knowing Christ!

Help someone find that cure today.
Tell them about Jesus.

Love ya!