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"Life is unfair," said one man in a conversation.

The other man asked, "How is that?"

First man, "Well, I lost my car keys at a ball game and
never found them.
I lost my sunglasses at the beach and never found them.
I lost my socks in the washing machine and never found them.
I lost three pounds on a diet -- I found them and five more!"

2 Cor 4:16
"For which cause we faint not; but though our outward man perish,
yet the inward man is renewed day by day."

LIGHT from the WORD.

Even Christians face times when our lives are in turmoil.
But God has blessed us with clinging faith by His Holy Spirit.
It's because of this that we "faint not" during difficult times.

Because of age, we can see ourselves growing old enough
to approach the time when we "perish."
Even at that thought, God has given us the secure faith that
death is only a door leading to a much closer and eternal
relationship with Him!

Through prayer and Bible study, we can be renewed
in the "inward" person!

Even though life may be difficult, we have a special promise
from God.
That promise is that we can be renewed in our spiritual man
EVERY day!
We can have a fresh outlook on life.
We can have an inspired purpose.
We can have a closer walk with God.

For those who "wait upon the Lord" there is
RENEWED strength!
That word wait upon in the Hebrew is qavah.
It means to be intertwined with the Lord!

It's not "wait ON" the Lord, it's "wait UPON" the Lord!

SERVE the Lord WHILE you wait for His work IN you!
Then, you'll be renewed EVERY day!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce