The Lone Ranger and Tonto were out on the range when evening fell.
They pitched the tent, tied up the horses and settled down for sleep.

A few hours later, Tonto awakened The Lone Ranger, and said, "Kemo Sabe, look toward the sky and tell me what you see."

The Lone Ranger looked up and said, "I see stars."

Tonto asked, "What that tell you?"

The Lone Ranger replied, "Astronomically speaking, it tells me there are millions of galaxies and billions of stars. Astrologically, it tells me Saturn is in Leo. Time wise, it appears to be three in the morning. Theologically it is evident that the Lord is all powerful and we are insignificant. Meteorologically it tells me we shall have a beautiful day tomorrow. What's it tell you Tonto?"

Tonto answered, "Kemo Sabe, you dumber than buffalo! It tells me someone stole our tent!!"

Rom 8:31
What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us , who can be against us?

Has the world, and circumstances been trying to steal your tent -- your covering of God?!?
Of course it has! It always does!

But there are two words in Romans 8:31 that really speak loudly to our souls.
God is "FOR US!"

He was for us before time began, and wanted to create us in His image.
He was for us when our ancestors, Adam & Eve, sinned and misplaced their will.
He was for us when Christ came into the world to die for our sins.
He was for us when we individually became rebels against His Majesty and Lordship.
He IS for us in calling us from sin by His Holy Spirit, and turning us to Him.
He IS for us by entering our souls when we surrender to Him.
He IS for us by teaching us His Word.
He IS for us by assuring us of eternal glory after our surrender to Him.

God is FOR US!
ALL of God is for us!
All of His omnipotence and omniscience is for us.
All of His incorruptible, undefiled inheritance is for us.

And most of all, all of His PRESENCE is with us daily as we pray and praise Him.
Paul intimates in the above verse that He Who is FOR US easily overcomes anyone who is against us!

Don't let anyone steal your tent!
Be covered with God by daily prayer and Bible study.

Love ya!