((Thanks to my friend, and retired pastor Ed for this one.))

A man owned a small farm in South Carolina.
The South Carolina Wage & Hours Department claimed he was not paying proper wages to his help and sent an agent out to interview him.

"I need a list of your employees and how much you pay them", demanded the Agent.

"Well," replied the farmer, "there's my farm hand who's been with me for 3 years. I pay him $400.00 a week plus free room and board. The cook has been here for 18 months, and I pay her $300.00 per week plus free room and board. There's the half-wit. He works about 18 hours every day and does about 90% of all the work around here. He makes about $10.00 per week and pays his own room and board."

Agent, "That's the guy I want to talk to."

Farmer, "That would be ME!"


Acts 4:13
Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.


The "rulers and elders" (Acts 4:8) thought because Peter and John had no formal education, they were "unlearned and ignorant."

Thank God, these "unlearned and ignorant" men were used of God's Holy Spirit to write part of the Bible, and leave a record of salvation through Jesus Christ!!

Being "with Jesus" makes all the difference in the world about having genuine understanding!

Prov 2:6
For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding.

I've heard many lectures from educated men, which bored me to sleep.
I've heard many sermons from uneducated men, which put me on the edge of my seat!

Education is obtaining (and hopefully retaining) factual knowledge.
Wisdom and understanding is how one uses education.

Let us obtain and encourage good formal education.
But let us also encourage spending time with Jesus, from Whom we receive "knowledge and understanding."

Love ya,