A criminal with a long record of transgressions was on trial for his latest crime.
The jury found him guilty on 33 counts and the judge sentenced him to 189 years.
Realizing that even with time off for good behavior he would be over two hundred when he was released, the prisoner burst into tears.

Noting this display of remorse, the judge reconsidered.
He said, "I didn't mean to be so severe. Thinking it over, I can see that I've imposed an extremely harsh sentence. So you don't have to serve the whole time."

The prisoner beamed with new found hope!
Then the judge leaned toward him and said, "Just do as much as you can!"

2 Cor 4:18
"While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen:
for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal."

"Focus!" said the biology professor.
The student slowly turned the dial of the microscope to focus on the object.
The object was a "wipe" taken from a glass.
That glass had been washed, dried and placed in a cabinet.
Then the professor took it down, and made the "wipe" so the students could see BEYOND the clean glass and see the GERMS!

Sometimes it's best we NOT see all that is before us!

But we DO see the things that are obvious.
And, sometimes, those things we DO see affect our attitude in life.
For instance, we see sickness, suffering, death - and we see them almost every day.

What Paul tells us in our Scripture is to change our FOCUS.
We can see the things that bother us, and still maintain a good attitude in life.
What we need to do is put our focus BEYOND the temporal things of this life.

Yes, there is sickness. But we can see a heaven that is free from it!
Yes, there is suffering. But in heaven there'll be no more of it!
Yes, there is death. But beyond is eternal life with Christ!

While we're here on this earth:
Let us see the sickness, and strive to find a cure.
Let us see the suffering, and strive to alleviate it.
Let us see death, not as an end, but as a beginning.

If we FOCUS BEYOND to the "things NOT seen," to the things SPIRITUAL and eternal, then we'll have a better attitude in life.

Love ya!