A young family man had decided that he wanted to learn "bow hunting" in order to provide his family with venison.

He purchased a bow, arrows, quiver and all the necessary equipment.
Then he began to prepare for practice shooting.

Out back of his house there was a storeroom.
He had no bales of hay, so he made a target of Styrofoam.
Then he leaned several sheets of Styrofoam insulation against the storeroom, and put the target in front of it.
He stepped off 40 yards and fired an arrow.
Hit the target near the center bulls eye the first time!

However, he heard the distinct sound of breaking glass!
When he looked, he had stacked the insulation sheets in front of the storm windows which he had removed from the house.
The arrow had gone "clean through" the Styrofoam target, the insulation boards and EVERY ONE of the storm windows!

His AIM was good, but the results were destructive!

Prov 27:17
Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

There are times when the results of our best-aimed intentions are not what we planned them to be.
Sometimes our words become missiles of explosive harm to the ears of the hearer.

Proper planning for words used in conversations requires looking beyond the obvious and checking for possibilities of broken glass!

Even in seemingly meaningless conversations, we can say things that might be hurtful.
Let us weigh carefully the words we use, and stick to the plan of sharpening "the countenance" of our friends.

May our Lord be with us today and help us FOCUS TO AIM our words so they will encourage and sharpen our friends.

Be sure mind is operating before engaging motor on tongue.
Words spoken can never be "taken back," they can only be FORGIVEN!

Love ya!