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Perhaps the following should be the Military recruiting
message on Saturday and Sunday.

"ďThank You for calling the US Military (Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy).
Iím sorry we are closed today.
If you are interested in joining the US Military,
and you wish to be shouted at, paid little, have premature arthritis,
put your family in a condemned hut miles from civilization,
and are prepared to work LONG hours, risking your life in all
weather and terrains, both day and night, while watching
Congress erode your original benefits package,
then please stay on the line.
Your call will be returned shortly by the next available, bitter,
passed -over for promotion, Recruiter located in a strip mall
down by the post office. Have a pleasant day, and thank you
again for trying to contact the United States Military!Ē

John 15:13
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

LIGHT from the WORD.

Godís love for man brought man spiritual liberty at the cost of His own blood.

Man's love for God and others brings physical liberty at the cost of his blood.

Freedom can neither be gained nor maintained without people
who are willing to die for that purpose.

Each of our military men and women serve to maintain freedom
They give of themselves for their country!

Thank JESUS for spiritual liberty!
Thank a VETERAN for physical liberty!

The following is a poem by Ashley Persyn.

"There is a price we pay for freedom
For it is not truly free
But rather paid for by the contributions of veterans
To buy our liberty

As their blood drains from their body and runs like a river through the grass
Over the years it's forgotten, war is placed in our past
I don't think we all realize the importance veterans play
as they voluntarily serve America each and every day

We should honor the veterans for they act like a shield
Protecting us from danger, keeping America healed
So if you would take a second to commemorate
You will instantly see

We owe veterans our gratitude
For they are the reason we are free

Thank Jesus for giving His life on the cross to buy
our spiritual liberty!

Today, if you see a veteran, thank him or her for
giving their lives for our physical liberty!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce