A local farmer accompanied his pastor to a church convention.
After the convention, while they were driving home, the pastor asked the farmer what he thought about it.

The farmer said, "Oh. It was all right. I liked it, especially the singing. But there was one thing I didn't understand.
All that discussion about how to get people to come to church. When I go to a farmer's convention, we never
discuss how to get the cows to the trough. They just seem to know that if they put good food there,
the cows will come to get it."

Matt 12:34
... for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.

Jesus is good food for the spiritual soul!

The King of kings never dies, and His grace never stops providing!

He is the Son, always shining.
He is the Bread of Life, always providing "manna" in the wilderness of this world.
He is the Tree of Life, providing fruit in every season.
His rain never ceases to fall on the "just and the unjust."
His table is always set, and He calls to people:
"Come and dine!"
His "wine and milk" are "without price:" free to all who come.

Because we are rich in Christ, we do not trust in the riches of this world.
We trust in the Living God, Who provides all our need.

Because we are rich in Christ, we are "ready to distribute, ready to communicate"
His goodness to all mankind. (1Tim. 6:18)

If your heart is owned by Christ, and inhabited by His Holy Spirit, then let the "abundance"
of your heart speak through your mouth!


Love ya!
Bro. Bruce