HI! Some people say, "Timing is everything."
But, with God, everything is timed!

Ps 46:1
To the chief Musician for the sons of Ko'-rah, A Song upon
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

Light from the Word.

One time I had just moved to a new church, and had only been
there a few weeks.

On a trip to town, my car had a flat tire.
It was right in front of a bar.
That was before cell phones.
I went into the bar to call someone for help.

Just as I made my exit, a man and his wife from my church
passed by.
I waved, they didn't.

I KNEW that was gonna come up someday!
And it did.
There was some gossip that week about it.

One very kind lady from the church called me to tell me
about it.
Sunday morning I made a point of mentioning that I had
a flat in front of a bar, and was embarrassed to enter it and
use the phone.
I also mentioned there were some folk that knew me, and
just passed on by.

The "gossipers" were CAUGHT!
Everyone who had heard the gossip, knew that they had
NOT stopped to see if I needed help!

God is our "refuge!"
We can always turn to Him.

God is our "strength!"
Even when others try to make us weak.

God is our "present help in time of trouble."
He will take care of our problems in the RIGHT time.

Because, with God, everything is TIMED!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce