Some of you may remember when candy bars were a nickel.
Some of you may remember when cokes were a dime.
Some of you may remember when gas was 34 cents per gallon.

Unfortunately, inflation is a normal outcome of an effective economic system.
Sometimes I wonder, though, about a 95% inflation over a 50 year period!

Recently, a sign on a water cooler at Hughes Aircraft in Torrance read:
"Due to the inflation and other rising costs, the water in this cooler is TWICE as free as it used to be."

John 1:12
But as many as received Him,
to them gave he power to become the sons of God,
even to them that believe on His name:

Once a fella told me he would become a Christian, but he didn’t believe
he could “live up to” the standard.
He had seen many Christians who failed “living up to” the standard of Christ.

Becoming a Christian is not about “living up to” a standard.
It’s about surrender to Jesus as Lord!
When we “received Him,” we received FAITH.
Faith is the desire to cling to Jesus, no matter what else happens!

Receiving Christ as Lord also means receiving “power” to become a “son” of God!
That means we are “adopted” and can never be disowned! (Romans 8:15)
That means we are “accepted in the Beloved”! (Ephesians 1:6)

Receiving Christ as Lord also means we “believe,” or trust in Jesus with all our soul.
We believe His love can inspire us to always strive for “living up to” His commands.
Not that we “attain” (Philippians 3:12) that goal;
but that we “strive” (Luke 13:24) for it!

Being a Christian is not about “living up to” the perfect standard of Christ;
it’s about having the DESIRE to and TRYING.
We OFTEN fail, because we are still sinners! (Romans 3:23)
But, when we fail, His love convicts us and we repent and try again! (1John 1:9)

Yes, the “standard” is our perfect Lord, Jesus.
Yet, one cannot receive the DESIRE to live toward that standard until one has “received HIM!”

Love ya!