An elderly lady was really bragging about the new pastor in her church.

Someone asked, "What color are his eyes?"

She said, "I don't really know. When he prays, he closes his eyes. And when he preaches, I close mine."

Ps 37:4
Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

In this verse, REAL LIFE is described for the believer: DELIGHT in the Lord!

It is surprising to unbelievers, and sometimes surprising to new believers.
But REAL LIFE is finding joy and fulfillment in the Lord.

Those who are without Christ, and those who are "part-time" Christians usually refer to faith as being service, duty, or necessity.
Very rarely do they refer to faith as fullness and happiness.

True faith brings delight to the soul.
And delight is expressed in true faith.

All things of one day or one lifetime can be endured with greater happiness if we delight ourselves in Him Who has granted us salvation.

Jesus came to show us:
grace by receiving sinners,
mercy by acquitting the guilty,
love by dying for our sins,
true peace through surrender to His Lordship of our lives,
joy in life through studiousness in His Word,
strength when application of the Word is made to our decision making,
hope beyond the grave by His resurrection,
and blissful happiness in obedience to God.

When we delight ourselves in the Lord, then His desires become our desires.
And He gives us the true desires of our heart: to be in genuine fellowship with Him.

In your life today, make Christ your delight!

Love ya!