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Mom and her five year old son and I were headed to
McDonald's one day. They passed a car accident.

Usually when they saw something terrible like that, they
would say a prayer for those who might be hurt.
So Mom pointed and said to her son, "We should pray."

From the back seat she heard his earnest request:
"Please, God, don't let those cars block us from McDonald's."

Matt 26:41
Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation:
the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.


LIGHT from the WORD.

What Jesus said to the disciples in The Garden of Gethsemane
that night should be taken literally by all Christians today.

Even though our "spirit is indeed willing," our "flesh is weak."

It's a continual battle!
We have NEED for prayer!

There are wonderful results from earnest prayer:
*We get a fresh closeness with Christ,
*Temptations are more apt to fall away,
*Our mind and body is made stronger,
*Scripture is more open for understanding,
*God's Spirit moves in us to bring immediate comfort and aid.

You will find that PEACE is one of the greatest results of prayer.

Also, prayer provides PURPOSE in your life.
PURPOSE is found in pleasing God FIRST!

As Paul said, "Pray without ceasing." (1Thess. 5:17)
Be in a constant attitude of prayer.

Instead of COMPLAINING constantly about corrupt
government officials, start PRAYING for them.
Put the situation in GOD'S hands!

HE can FIX it much BETTER than you!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce