She had been working in the garden all day, and was very, very tired.
She came into the living room and sank into the chair oblivious to
everything else.
Too tired to move another foot!

Just then, her little boy, dressed in full Indian headress, jumped out
from behind the chair.
He had a bow and arrow in his hand, and yelled..."WWOOOO!!"

Suddenly she found that there was a NEW POWER in her body!

Luke 11:13
"If you then,being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children,
how much more will your heavenly father give the Holy Spirit to
those who ask Him?"

Light from the Word.

Perhaps some of you may have read "My Utmost For His Highest"
by Oswald Chambers.
But his life was not always filled with power from God.

As a young man, and Christian, he had felt a sense of emptiness.
In his autobiographical notes he wrote, "I knew that if what I had was all
the Christianity there was, the thing was a fraud."

But then, he read Luke 11:13, quoted above.
Later, at a meeting, he felt at his lowest.
So, he simply BELIEVED God would grant his Holy Spirit for the
time he spoke.
After his sermon, FORTY people came to receive Christ!

Oswald Chambers came to realize that God could grant power
no matter how one FELT!
From that day on, he was able to preach and write with unusual power.

Sometimes, you may not FEEL the presence and power of God in your life.
But if you will BELIEVE He is there, then He will SHOW His power in
and through you.

God is just LOOKING for those who BELIEVE so He can SHOW His
power in and through them!

Today, Christian, choose to believe His POWER is in YOU!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce