Mother (91) and daughter (72) were sitting on the back porch, looking out over the Pacific Ocean.

They remarked about the blue sky and the perfect contrast of a few white clouds.
They remarked about the beauty of the deep green in the sea.
They remarked about the wonder of the small flower garden, and the blooms in the afternoon sun.

Finally, Mom said, “And it’s so good to know that ALL of that is mine.”
The daughter responded, “But Mom, all that belongs to GOD!”

Mom said, “Yes. And all He has is mine through Christ.”

Matt 11:27
All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father;
neither knoweth any man the Father, save the Son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him.

There is a story told about a very rich man who had only one son.
The son was drafted into the army, and shipped overseas during the war.
He was killed in action, and the father grieved heavily.
When the father died, an auction was proclaimed for all the things which he owned.
Several million dollars was at stake.

At the auction, the very first thing to receive bidding was a crude painting of the man's son.
The father had painted it himself.
When the painting was offered for bidding, no one made a bid.
The offer was made several times, and there were no hands raised indicating willingness to purchase the painting.
Finally, an elderly man raised his hand.
He had been the butler of the father.
He offered $1 for the painting.

The auctioneer called for further bids.
There were none.
The auctioneer said, "SOLD for ONE dollar! And that, my friends is the END of the auction!"

There was a lot of murmuring among the crowd.
They wanted to know how this could be the END of the auction when there was so much left to sell.

The auctioneer explained, "In His will, the father stated that 'whoever receives the painting of the son shall receive ALL!'"

My friends, All God IS is revealed in Christ!
All God HAS is given to Christ!
And all God has for you is IN Christ!

Are you "IN Christ?"

Love ya!