An old fisherman went to a psychiatrist about his son.
He told the psychiatrist that he took his son fishing with
him very often.
However, the son just sat around and made mud pies.

The psychiatrist said, "Well, it's normal for your son to
make mud pies."

The fisherman said, "Well, I don't think so.
And neither does his WIFE!"

Ex 27:20
And thou shalt command the children of Israel,
that they bring thee pure oil olive beaten for the light,
to cause the lamp to burn always.

LIGHT from the WORD.

The sweet beaten olive oil can be stored for years and not ruin.
It can be used for barter, for medicinal purposes, and for light.
The pure olive oil produced a light which had no smoke and
little or no scent.

This particular oil was used as a symbol of God's Holy Spirit,
causing the light to shine in the tabernacle continually.

Note that the oil was to be brought to the priest.
Oil is symbolic for prayer.
It is to be brought daily to Christ, our High Priest.

Just as oil protects machinery reducing the wear on parts,
so prayer helps us through the "wearing" of daily life.

As Christians, we need daily prayer in order for God to
produce His light within us.
Just as the lamp could not produce light without the oil,
neither can we produce the shining radiance of our Savior
without prayer.


Love ya!
Bro. Bruce