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A man who had been wonderfully saved was entering into
the batismal waters with the pastor.

Suddenly, he remembered he'd left his billfold in his pant pocket.
He said, "Oh! Preacher! I forgot and left my billfold in my pocket!"

The pastor said, "That's all right. You billfold needs to be committed
to Jesus too!"

Mark 16:16
16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved;
but he that believeth not shall be damned.

LIGHT from the WORD.

One preacher was leading a discussion type Bible class.
The topic was salvation.
He asked, "How shall we be saved?"

One man said, "We'll be saved when we repent and surrender
to Christ."
Another said, "We'll be saved when we repent, forsake our sins,
and turn to Christ."
Another said, "And we must have a true heart, too."
Another added, "And we must be diligent to read and obey
God's Word."
Another added, "And we must be baptized."

Do you see what was happening there?
Each person was adding what he felt was significant.
But those additions, significant as they may be in the plan of
salvation, were only added to make self look good!

Jesus told Nicodemus

Jesus told Martha

Do you see the emphasis upon "believeth?"
That word is translated from the Greek pisteuo.
It means trust in, be committed to.
It is a VERB, suggesting ACTION!

If a person "believeth," that person will WANT to
be baptized.
The Philippian jailor wanted to be baptized.
The Ethiopian Eunuch wanted to be baptized.
But baptism didn't SAVE them.
They were baptized BECAUSE they were saved!

When a person surrenders to Jesus as Lord, then he/she
receives MANY desires pertinent to Christ Jesus!

When a person surrenders to Jesus as Lord, the he/she
is SEALED in the Spirit of God!

When God SEALS us then we receive FAITH!
The word faith is translated from the Greek pistis.
It is a NOUN -- suggesting OWNERSHIP!
It means being able to CLING to Christ!

It's really SIMPLE!
When we commit (believeth) to Christ in trust, then we receive
faith, which is the ownership of being able to cling to Him!

Have YOU believed?

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce