Two men were talking.

The first said, "The greatest man that ever lived besides Jesus was ole Jenkins.
He was brilliant, broadminded, tolerant, generous, temperate; yet he died after a quiet life, his talents unknown."

The second man asked, "How did YOU find out about Jenkins?"

The first man replied, "I married his widow!"


Ps 92:4
For thou, LORD, hast made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands.


Are we not "the bride of Christ?"
Do others KNOW we are the bride of Christ?
Are we bragging about Him enough?

Has Christ made you "glad" because of His work upon you and in you?

If you know Jesus as Lord and Savior, then you know that all your sins have been forgiven, that you have been cleansed in His blood and set as righteous before the throne of God.

What joyful Christians we should be!

By His wonderful grace we are not only saved, but also sustained and promised an eternal home in glory where there is no sickness, no dying, no crying and no death.

What joyful Christians we should be!

He has given His "Word" as our "daily bread," so that we can learn and grow. And He has given His Holy Spirit to help us in learning and growing.

What joyful Christians we should be!

Our joy should not only be expressed in attendance, but by sharing with others the wonderful news of Jesus Christ!

Do not be content with soaking up the blessings for yourself, tell others of His wonderful grace, mercy and goodness.

Triumph in the "work" of Christ upon you and in you by letting that work be expressed THROUGH you!

Tell someone today: Jesus has made me GLAD!

Love ya!