A man was interviewing for a new job.
The interviewer asked, "You say you worked 25 years at your last job?"
Prospective employee, "Yes - 25 years."
Interviewer, "But you are only 30 years old. How did you work 25 years at your last job?"
Prospective employee, "OVERTIME!"


Rev 3:7
And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write;
These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David,
he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;


God works OVERTIME!
He is HOLY, and He is separated from the unholiness of mankind.
And He is perfectly righteous.
God is TRUE.
He is both truthful and faithful.

When "born again" Christians enter heaven, they will enter the HOLY PLACE of God.
They will enter the place that is totally separated from unholiness of man.
No one can enter there that is not inspected by He that is TRUE.
Above all, God is faithful to Himself.
He will allow none to enter that Holy Place who have not surrendered to His Lordship.

More importantly, Jesus is the keeper of the gates of paradise (not Peter). Jesus said He is the "door of the sheep" (John 10:7).

Picture a sheepfold for the evening care of the sheep.
At its back, the sheepfold is secured by a hill or a mountain.
At its sides, the sheepfold is secured by a high wall.
Lions, bears and wolves may not enter the sheepfold - it is SECURE!

My friends, Heaven is SECURE!
NOTHING shall enter to defile it (Rev. 21:27).
There will be NO sin there! Won't heaven be wonderful?

Again, picture the evening sheepfold.
There is a very small opening where sheep enter each evening, and a gate which is locked after the shepherd leaves.
The shepherd stands in that opening and inspects every sheep before they are allowed entrance.
If a sheep happens to come to the opening that doesn't belong to the shepherd, he will return that sheep to his owner.
If sheep appear that have cuts and bruises, he applies salve.

Jesus stands in the opening, the gates of heaven.
NO one enters without His primary inspection.

All who enter there cut and bruised from life are healed.
Any who appear there that do not belong to Jesus, He returns to their owner - the devil.

Jesus is the One Who opens or shuts the gate.
No one else is qualified!

Yes, Jesus is working OVERTIME to secure the blessings of holiness and faithfulness to those who belong to Him!

Love ya!