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A man bought a new fridge for his house.
To get rid of his old fridge, he put it in his front yard and
hung a sign on it saying:
"Free to good home. You want it, you take it".

For three days the fridge sat there without even one person
looking twice at it.0
He eventually decided that people were too un-trusting of this deal.

It looked to good to be true, so he changed the sign to read:
"Fridge for sale $50".
The next day someone stole it.

Gen 7:16
And they that went in, went in male and female of all flesh,
as God had commanded him: and the LORD shut him in.

LIGHT from the WORD.

Notice that the door to the ark was closed by God Himself!

Only God knows WHETHER a person will surrender for salvation!

As Christians, it is our duty and our obligation to God that we
CONTINUALLY offer salvation through surrender to Christ
for all people.

In fact, as a Christian, it is our MANDATE from God to make
that offer CONTINUALLY!

We receive this mandate from the ONE Who has "authority"
to judge men for their eternal end.
We receive this mandate for ALL people!

Never EVER "give up" on someone you are trying to lead to Christ!
TODAY may be the day that they surrender to His Lordship!

We are to NEVER "close the door!"

Not only are we to offer salvation through surrender to Christ,
but we are to "teach" them afterward.

Teach them to BE saved!
Then, teach them how to LIVE saved!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce