It was 1949....I was 6.
We got a new washing machine.
It had those "roller ringers" on top.

I wanted to learn how to put the clothes through that ringer.
So, Mom was teaching me how.

OUCH! My fingers got caught in the ringer!
It pulled all the way up to my elbow!!

I was yelling! Mom was crying!
Dad came in and "popped" the ringer, and it turned me loose!


Joel 1:3
Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation.


Some things we can learn without danger.
Some things we learn can keep us from danger.

The Word of God keeps us from the dangers of sin.
Studying the Word of God warns us of sin.
A sinning person is not studying the Word.

Parents have a personal charge from God to teach their children and grandchildren the Word of God. And, that charge is to teach the Word in such a way that the children and grandchildren will DESIRE to teach their children.

This personal charge is non-transferrable!
It cannot be delegated away to Sunday School or Discipleship Training teachers!
Even though they can help, it is the parents who are responsible to God!

Parents also have a sacred trust in the personal charge to teach.
When the Word is being taught diligently in the home, the nation will hear of it!
When the Word is NOT being taught diligently in the home, the nation will NOT hear!

Teaching the Word of God in the family goes much farther than just the family!

I pray today that parents and grandparents will ACCEPT the personal charge of God!

Love ya,