When Ronald Reagan was a young lad, he went to a cobbler to have some shoes made.
The cobbler asked it Mr. Reagan wanted "round toes" or "square toes."
Mr. Reagan was unsure, so the cobbler asked him to return in a few days and let him know.

Mr Reagan didn't come by within a week.
He didn't come by the next week.
The following week, the cobbler saw Mr. Reagan on the street.
He said, "Sir, your shoes are ready. You may pick them up tomorrow."

Next day, Mr. Reagan went to pick up his shoes. There was one with a "round toe" and one with a "square toe."

Later, Mr. Reagan told that story, and said, "I learned a valuable lesson that day. If you don't make your own decisions, someone ELSE will make them for you!"


Matt. 12:30
"He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad."


Sometimes, when we human beings are faced with decisions, we procrastinate.

However, our Lord says He has ALREADY made two decisions concerning every human's life.
The first decision is: if one does not JOIN Jesus, one shall forever be WITHOUT Jesus.
The second decision is: if one is not working WITH Jesus, one is working AGAINST Jesus.

He has made our decision easy!
Once we decide to JOIN Jesus in FAITH,
we have ALREADY decided to join Him in MINISTRY!

There is no question of WHETHER the Christian is to be involved in ministry.
The only question for the Christian is WHERE or HOW we can be involved in God's Kingdom work.

As you look around your world today, see where God is working, and become involved. Here are three hints of things to look for:
1. God is ALWAYS working to bring the lost to salvation.
2. God is ALWAYS working to educate the saved so that they will be able also to lead the lost to Christ.
3. God is ALWAYS working to minister in kindness to the needy and hurting.

A person ROWING the boat usually doesn't have time to ROCK it!

Love ya,