((The following example is a rearrangement of an example given by C.H. Spurgeon.))

A benevolent business man gave a friend of his $1000 to give to his pastor.

The friend decided $1000 was a lot to send at one time, so he sent the pastor a letter with $100 in it.
And a note said, "More to follow."

Next week, the pastor received another letter with $100 in it, and a note that said, "More to follow."

Successively, 9 weeks in a row, the pastor received the same letter.
The last letter included no message.

The pastor had become enamored with the words, "More to follow."
The next week, his sermon was entitled the same:
"More To Follow!"


1 Cor 2:12
Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God;
that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.


For the saved, God's grace is a daily letter containing a note:
“MORE to follow!”

By grace we have received Christ Who is our salvation.
But God's grace doesn't end with our BEGINS!
For we receive His Holy Spirit Who teaches us the "things that are freely given to us of God."

By His Spirit:
we find His mercy shall acquit us in judgment,
we find we are justified in His sight,
we find we have been adopted into the family of Christ,
we receive education as He teaches us the Scriptures,
we receive His ministry to bring others to know Christ,
we find "help" in every hour of need.

And there's ALWAYS:
"MORE to follow!!"

Ain't God GOOD?!!

Love ya!