Two men were transferring things from a moving van to a new house.
They struggled in the doorway of the house with a huge crate.

One of them said, "WOW! We might as well give up! We're NEVER gonna get this crate inside."

The other said, "INSIDE!? I thought we were trying to get it OUTSIDE!"

John 14:16
"And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you for ever."

The Bible says that when people get saved, God's Holy Spirit takes up residence in their hearts and lives "for ever!"

Think about that for a moment.
The Holy Spirit of God was moving upon creation before God spoke and brought formation to the universe!
God's Holy Spirit has been moving since before time began, and the Bible records that He MOVES in and through the church today!
God's Holy Spirit is ALWAYS moving!

Is He moving on the INSIDE of you,
Or, is He moving on the OUTSIDE of you?

For the saved, God's Holy Spirit works and moves constantly on the INSIDE.
He convicts us to of sin and calls us to pray in repentance.
He convinces us of truth and calls us to study The Word.
He commends us to the church and calls us to attend and be a productive unit.
He compels us to praise God and to give testimony of our salvation.

For those who have never surrendered to Christ, God's Holy Spirit is constantly working on the OUTSIDE.
He convicts of sin and calls to confession and repentance.
He commends Christ as Lord, and calls to submission.
He convinces of Jesus as the only Savior, and calls to commitment.
He constantly calls to salvation to escape condemnation.

God's Holy Spirit IS moving!
In you, WHERE is He moving: INSIDE or OUTSIDE?

Love ya!