Teddie was experiencing his first sermon.
He had been in the nursery, then in children's church.
But now, he was 5, and his parents took him into the sanctuary for the first time.

The preacher preached about those "pagans" that were lost and needed Jesus.

After the sermon, the preacher stood at the front door greeting members as they left.

Teddie approached the pastor with his Mom and Dad.
Teddie said, "My Dad calls my Mom a pagan, 'cause she serves so many burnt offerings!"

And the adversity began!

Eccl 1:7
All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full; unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again.

Everything in the universe is moving.
The moon rotates around the earth.
The earth rotates around the sun.
The sun (a star) rotates around another entity and travels in the galaxy.
The wind blows, stirring the ocean and
gravity flows moving the rivers.
Friction wears the rocks.

And there's no end to the movement of all things until God gathers them up.

So is man.
He is moved by the torrents of emotion.
He us buffeted by the emotions of others.
He is tossed by the winds of difficulty.
He is eroded by the waters of adversity.

And there's no end to the movement against him, until God calls him home.

The “ocean of emotions” in life are never full, and the rivers of difficulty are constantly flowing into it.
But the rivers of contradiction and difficulty spur a zeal for life into our soul!

The next time you are facing adversity, remember there's as much ebb as there is flow!

And God will one day call a halt to all our troubles!
He will take us where the river flows with peace!

Love ya!