John spoke to Sam, "I entered my mule in the next thoroughbred race."

Same said, "That mule can't run with the thoroughbreds!"

John said, "I know, but I thought he might learn to move a little faster!"

Ps 19:13
Keep back thy servant also from presumptuous sins;
let them not have dominion over me: then shall I be upright,
and I shall be innocent from the great transgression.

Once, Ann and I bought an unruly horse from a friend.
He was big, beautiful, fast.
But he was unruly and given to bucking when one tried to ride him.

I put a "bow-saw" on his neck.
With this tool, his head is pulled back to his shoulder and he is left to
stand there for about 2 hours, making the neck sore.
Then the tool is used on the opposite side so that both sides of the neck
are equally sore.

Then I plowed up about an acre of ground and made it very deep and soft.
I saddled the horse and took him out on the deeply plowed ground.
I put a hackamore bridle on him with "tack reins."
Those tacks would dig into his sore neck when he tried to pull to his
own direction.

When I mounted him, he tried to buck.
Then I would just pull those reins around his neck, and he would have
to turn in circles until he was dizzy.
The loose, deep ground kept him from being able to buck.
When he fell down, I got off. When he got up, I got back on.

After only an hour of this action, the horse was completely docile.
His legs were weak and tired, but he responded to every command
However, he was mundane, and did not want to run.
So I got some spurs and he quickly learned to run!

Then I trained him to ride in arena events.
Ann and I went on to be 3rd in the State on that horse!

O soul, let God have dominion over you and not presumptuous sins!

Let Him be your Rider, and take His direction immediately.
Entreat Him to employ the "bow-saw" to your stiff neck.
Ask that He might use "tack reins" to keep you from wandering out
of His paths.
Plead with Him to keep you in "hallowed" ground that your footing
will be sure.
And when you become mundane in your service, beg God to "spur"
you onward.

If you would be kept from "presumptuous" sins, allow God to be the
Master Rider of your soul.
Respond to His commands immediately.

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce