Seven-year-old Sammy came home from Sunday School.
His mother had been ill, and had not been able to attend.

Mom, "Sammy, what did you learn at S.S. today?"

Sammy, "I learned that Jesus healed the sick, the lepers,
and the lame, and He cast out the deacons."

Eph 6:10
Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

Light from the Word.

Perhaps little Sammy (above) was not yet "strong in the Lord."
In his mind, he was mixing things from today's church with the Bible.
Sammy misstated deacons for demons!

Today, some things in the church just don't mix with the Bible very well.

Many people go to church to be spoonfed, and hardly ever study
the Bible on their own.
Thus, they never grow "strong in the Lord," and they are not
strong "in the power of His might."

The Bible teaches us that God's Holy Spirit works IN believers.

And, the more we grow "strong in the Lord" through Bible study,
the more the "power of His might" works IN and THROUGH us!

Deacons are certainly not demons!
They are proven men of God, ordained by the church, to be servants.
(See 1Tim. 3:10)

Are YOU studying your Bible to learn your gift or gifts, and to learn
your expected position in the church as a servant?

Study - grow - "be strong in the Lord," and
"the power of His might" will be strong in you!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce