The rains were relentless!
The first floor of his house was already flooded.
He was on the balcony of the second floor praying, when a man in a boat came by and offered him a ride.
He said, "No. I'm waiting on the Lord to save me."

About an hour later, he was on the roof of his house praying, and another boat came by offering him a ride.
He said, "No. I'm waiting on the Lord the save me."

A little while later, he was standing on the chimney above his underwater house, and a helicopter came by offering him a ride.
He said, "No. I'm waiting on the Lord to save me."

He drowned!

When he got to heaven, he asked, "Lord, why didn't you save me?"
Jesus said, "Well, son, I sent you two boats and a helicopter!"

Ps 36:9
For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light.

Life is NOT fair!
There are times in our lives when human counsel, sympathy, even religious ordinances do not produce comfort!

Sometimes, even when we are striving to live FOR our Lord, circumstances beyond our control bring disaster into our lives.
And, perhaps we ask WHY?

Maybe it is to let us know that we are utterly dependent upon the Lord and not ourselves.
Maybe it is to drive us to our knees, acknowledging Him as "the Fountain of life!"

The "prodigal son" was never safer than when circumstances had driven home to his father!
Jeremiah was never safer than when he was on his knees in the dungeon!
Elijah was never safer than when he went in despair to the wilderness and found that "still small voice"!

Today, go to God in prayer, and give thanks!
All your talent, skill, abilities, training, money, and even religious experiences are useless when you face the unfairness of life.

For knowing more about REAL LIFE, go to the “Fountain of life!”
Depend entirely upon Jesus!
Go often to Him in prayer!
In Him, and in Him alone, do we "see LIGHT!"

Love ya!