Timmy’s little friend, Sam, was over from next door and they were playing.
Sam was constantly agitating Timmy.

Finally, Timmy stood up and just SMACKED him!

Mom came running over and said, “TIMMY! You’re supposed to LOVE your neighbor, not hit him!”

Timmy said, “Mom. I do love him. But sometimes he makes me wanna SMACK him!”


1 Thess 5:15
See that none render evil for evil unto any man; but ever follow that which is good,
both among yourselves, and to all men.


There was an incident which happened to William McKinley when he was running for president.

A very ill-dressed and irritating reporter, with an awful cough, followed Mr. McKinley every where he went.
The reporter was constantly writing to demean Mr. McKinley.

One evening, McKinley was riding in a closed carriage to a place where he was to speak.
He heard the easily recognized cough of the reporter.
It seemed the reporter was up on the top of the carriage, riding with the driver.

McKinley called for the carriage to stop, and demanded that the man come down.
Thinking the worst, the man came down meekly.
Then, McKinley gave him his overcoat and said, “You get in the carriage with me.”

The man replied, “But you must not know who I am. I’m the reporter that’s been giving you a hard time.”

McKinley said, “Yes. But you put on this coat, get inside and get warm, so you can do a good job!”

Life for the Christian is a daily struggle.
In that struggle, let us never be conquered by evil; but rather,
let us conquer evil with good!

Love ya!