Two high school students were studying vocabulary words together.
There were 3 words that one of the boys just couldn't get:
irritation, aggravation and frustration.

The other boy picked up the phone, dialed a number at random and asked,
"Is Ralph there?"
The person on the line said, "You have the wrong number."
The boy said, "That's irritation."

Then he took the phone, dialed the same number, and asked,
"Is Ralph there?"
The person who answered said rudely, "There's NO RALPH here!"
The boy said, "That's aggravation!"

Then he took the phone, dialed the same number again, and said,
"Hi! This is Ralph. Have I had any calls?"
The boy said, "Now, that's frustration!"


Phil 2:17-18
17 Yea, and if I be offered upon the sacrifice and service of your faith, I joy, and rejoice with you all.
18 For the same cause also do ye joy, and rejoice with me.


Paul had been arrested, put in jail, beaten and left for dead.
That was irritation.

Then Paul was shipwrecked and, though he saved others, was still taken to prison in Rome.
That was aggravation.

Then it was decided that Paul would be beheaded.
That was frustration.

Yet Paul, by the inspiration of God's Holy Spirit, said he would "REJOICE" if he were "offered upon the sacrifice and service" of the Philippians faith!

He also said they should rejoice WITH him!

Here's the idea:
Any difficulty we face in our service for Christ is only irritation, aggravation and frustration.
But our JOY is in DOING Christ's will!
Our joy is in the SERVICE, not in the difficulty.

So, the next time you face irritation, aggravation or frustration in your ministry for Christ, remember where your JOY is!

Love ya,