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ONLY when REVIVAL is in the CHURCH,
can SURVIVAL be in the COUNTRY!

Phil 1:21
For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

LIGHT from the WORD.

Monetary value is determined by how much a person would GIVE.
Spiritual value is determined by how much a person GIVES!

Is Jesus at the forefront of your FAMILY?
Is Jesus at the forefront of your BUSINESS?
Are you GIVING praise, honor and glory to Him in your LIVING?

All too often, SELF is our greatest idol!
And, too often, we bend toward the pleasing of that idol!

Many hold the principles of Christ when it suits them;
but abandon those principles when it does not.

Many people hold to the name "Christian,"
but live exhibiting spiritual adultery!

Are you living FOR Jesus or AGAINST Him?

Dad had just got home from work, and was tired.
He sat down to read the paper.
His son came to him and wanted to play.
Dad said, "I'll tell you what, here's a picture of the world."
And, he tore a picture of the world out of the paper.
Then, he tore the picture in several pieces.
He told his son, "I need a few minutes rest. You go put
the pieces of the world back together.
And when you've finished, we'll play - OK?"
The son gladly did what his father asked.
But he was back in just a few moments!
Dad asked, "How did you put that back together so soon?"
The son said, "Well there was a picture of the CHURCH
on the back. When I got the CHURCH right, then the
WORLD was right!"

"Nuff said!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce