Many years ago, Ramsey MacDonald, prime minister of England, was discussing with another government official the possibility of lasting peace. MacDonald expressed the viewpoint that lasting peace was possible and worth pursuing with all vigor.

The other official was an expert on foreign affairs, but was somewhat a skeptic. He said, "The desire for peace does not necessarily ensure it."

Mr. MacDonald said, "Quite true. Neither does the desire for food satisfy your hunger; but at least it gets you started toward a restaurant."


Isa 33:17
Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty: they shall behold the land that is very far off.


The more you seek peace, the more you will see of it.
The more you seek Christ, the more you will see of Him.

You can see Christ today in study and meditation.
Through study of the Bible, Christ is revealed. The more we study, the more we see Him. He is our Creator-Savior, and the Bible is His story - His self-revelation. Each day of study makes the dark glass a little clearer through which we see Him. And the more we meditate upon what we have studied, the more we understand of His character. We read of His love, mercy, grace, kindness, gentleness, tenderness, patience, and evangelistic zeal. Meditating upon those things helps to transform us more into His likeness.

You can see Christ today through troubles. You may look up today from the "troubled waters" of your soul and see Jesus walking ON the water saying, "Be not afraid, it is I." When your world begins to crumble around you and you feel alone in the struggle, you can hear Christ saying, "Behold, I am WITH you.....I will never leave you nor forsake you." When you are weak and sin, you can hear Christ saying, "Confess those sins, I am faithful to forgive them."

For the truly saved, we will see Him in glory. One day, He will bring us to that land that is "far off," and we will "see the King in His beauty!" Faith will be changed to sight. And that sight will be even more wonderful than a blind man who is healed of his blindness. When He came to earth "He had no beauty that we should desire Him." But when He brings us to that eternal resting place, His beauty will be for beholding!

Even today, dear believer, you are His bride and you are lonely without Him. The world and your sin causes thick clouds to hide His full revelation, and you desire to see Him in His full glory.

Let your loneliness and desire be turned into action. Study and meditate upon His self-revelation. You will begin to see Sonlight beams in your life. You will begin to find peace that "flows like a river" in your soul.

Pursue Him with all vigor!

Love ya,