An elderly couple walk into a fast food restaurant.
They ordered one hamburger, one order of fries and one drink.

The old man unwrapped the plain hamburger and carefully cut it in half.
He placed one half in front of his wife.
He then carefully counted out the fries, divided them into two piles.
He neatly placed one pile in front of his wife.

He took a sip of the drink, his wife took a sip, then set the cup down between them.
The man began to eat his few bites of hamburger.
Everyone around them keep looking over and whispering "That poor old couple -
all they can afford is one meal for the two of them."

Just then a young man came to the table.
He politely offered to buy another meal for the old couple.
The old man replied,"Thank you, but we're used to sharing everything."

The surrounding people noticed the little old lady hadn't eaten a bite.
She sat there watching her husband eat and occasionally sipped the drink.

Again the young man came over and asked to let him buy another meal for them.

This time the old woman said "No, thank you, we are used to sharing everything."

The old man finished and was wiping his face neatly with the napkin.
The young man again came over to the little old lady who had yet to eat a single
bite of food and asked "May I ask what is it you are waiting for?"

The old woman answered... "THE TEETH."

Ecclesiastes 11:1-3
1 Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.
2 Give a portion to seven, and also to eight; for thou knowest not what evil
shall be upon the earth.
3 If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth:
and if the tree fall toward the south, or toward the north, in the place
where the tree falleth, there it shall be.

The first two verses speak of sharing, giving.
It has been said that we possess nothing except that which we have given away.
We have only that, because it comes back to us from others.
Whether we share food with the hungry, clothes with the poor, money with
the needy - sharing is the virtue of a loving heart.

Jesus said our greatest concern should be the "laying up" of "treasure in heaven" (Matthew 6:20).
We might have an abundance of material things which we can share with others.
And we should certainly give without thought of return.
We are instructed of our Master to "GIVE" (Luke 6:38).

However that "Bread" of which we have the greatest abundance is Jesus Himself.
Sharing and giving Jesus Christ is sharing and giving the "bread of life" (John 6:35).
When we give Christ to others, that "Bread" comes back to nourish us!

Verse 3 speaks of the importance of sharing and giving NOW!
Life is brief and uncertain, and NOW is the time to share the gospel with others!

When a tree falls in the forest, whichever direction it fell, it will certainly lie.
When a person dies, whether he knew Christ or not, determines which direction he falls!

Considering the brevity and uncertainty of life, tomorrow may be TOO LATE to share
Jesus with someone!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce