Often we humans fail in communications.

One morning I was eating breakfast and watching
a program about marriage on TV.
The program impressed me, and I decided that I
should be sure and compliment my wife, Ann.
I knew she was getting dressed, so I headed down
the hall to the bedroom.

She was already dressed and was coming out of
the bedroom.
I said, "'re lookin' GOOD, lady!"

She had been looking over our calendar -
appointments, activities, etc.
Her mind was sort of locked in on that.
And her response was,
"Don't forget to have your eyes checked today."

Ps 138:5
Yea, they shall sing in the ways of the LORD:
for great is the glory of the LORD.

LIGHT from the WORD.

Sometimes we let our thought processes get overloaded.
And we don't respond to outside stimuli like we should.
That was the case in Ann's response.

Do you remember that day when you surrendered to the Lord?
Do you remember the wonderful joy of being saved?
Didn't it make ya wanna sing?!

I keep gospel cd's in the car of my favorite artists with my
favorite songs.
Everywhere I go, those cd's are playing.
And I sing along with them praising the Lord.
I'm quite sure some people see me coming down the
road, and wonder to whom I'm talking.
But it doesn't matter - God knows.
I'm not crazy because I sing His praises.
I'm just radically saved!

Yes, that's definitely different.
But aren't we different when we are saved?

Communicate your love and appreciation for the Lord.
Sing His praises.
We're going to be singing His praises forever in heaven.

Let's get practiced up now!

Love ya!
Bro. Bruce