Mother to five-year-old, "Son, why do you always get so dirty?"

Son, "Mom! I'm a lot closer to the ground than you are!"

Ps 16:8
I have set the LORD always before me: because he is at my right hand,
I shall not be moved.

Notice David's commitment to keep "the LORD always before me:,
and to keep Him always "at my right hand."

We should determine to always have God "before" us.
Then, we are intently following His leadership.
This will make us strong, not of our own accord, but because of His strength.

We should be sure God is always at our "right hand."
Then, He is in the position of prominence and power of our lives.
If this is our daily decision, then we shall be obedient to His commands.

On our own, we don't just get dirty, we ARE dirt!
Remember, God formed us "out of the dust of the ground." (Gen. 2:7)
It is quite easy for us to rest in successes, wealth, happiness and general security.
However that is living in presumption: Presumption that things are "ok."

Without God at the helm of our ship, sin is present with us (Romans 7:18-21).
For even when we think we are doing "good, evil is present" with us.

When we surrender ourselves to the Lord, we are made a "new creature." (2Cor. 5:17)
Our dirt succumbs to His Spirit!
Then, we place God "before" us, and at our "right hand."
And, we shall be strong in His will and secure in His purposes.

We can focus on the real source of our power - the LORD!
We can intently follow His leadership!
We can determinedly be obedient to His commands!

Love ya!