Two young servicemen were stationed in Germany.

Reveille was normally at 6am.
But there was a rooster near their station which daily began
crowing loudly at 4am.
Needless to say, the two young men were not used to such
a rude disturbance of their sleep!

One morning, the cook asked the two young men what they
would like for breakfast the next day.

One of the young men replied simply, "That ROOSTER!"

The following day they ate the toughest chicken meat they
had ever experienced.
But they were not disturbed at 4am again!

Prov 8:17
I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall
find me.
KJV ____________________________________________________

Light from the Word.

The central topic of Proverbs 8 is "Wisdom."
Wisdom calls to men (vs 4).
Wisdom speaks truth (vs 7).
Wisdom is more important than silver and gold (vs 11).
Wisdom is required in equitable leadership (vss 15 & 16).

Wisdom comes from knowing God.
Prov 2:6 says, "For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth
cometh knowledge and understanding."


In our text above, God says, "those that seek me early shall
find me."

Certainly, there is an advantage to rising early in the morning and
meditating upon God's Word.

But, the verse might also imply learning of God at an early age.
Of course, we may seek wisdom at any age.
But it is of more advantage to our life if we seek God's wisdom early.

The foundation of all our blessings is loving God.
And, the foundation of all wisdom is in loving God's Word.

Seek God.
Seek Him early.
Seek His wisdom by studying His Word.
Love ya!
Bro. Bruce