Mac went to the diner, as usual, for his evening meal.
The waiter, Charles, brought the soup.

A moment later, Mac called Charles over.
"Taste the soop," he said.

Charles, assuming something was wrong, said,
"'ve been coming here for years. If there's something wrong with the soup, I'll take it back."

Mac said, "Taste the soup!"

Charles asked, "Is there too much salt, not enough?"

Mac said, "Taste the soup!"

Finally, Charles said, "OK! I'll TASTE the soup. Where's the spoon?"

Mac said, "AHA!"


Psalm 34:8
O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.


I love that statement in verse 8.
"Taste" is a word used to describe a definite experience in our lives.
Once you "taste" something, it is distinctively recorded in your memory.

For instance, if I say, "apple," your mind instinctively produces a picture of the apple, the smell of it, and the "taste" of it. (Assuming you have tasted an apple!)

Those things that taste "good" to you are recorded in the desirable section of your mind, and those things that don't taste good are recorded in the NONdesirable section.

Again, assuming you have experienced it, if I say, "sulfuric acid," your mind recalls the experience and causes you to instinctively draw back.
You recall the smell of rotten eggs, and you do not desire to experience the taste of it.

The "taste" of God is GOOD!
Once you EXPERIENCE Him in your life, you'll desire Him ALL of your life.

You have TWO spoons: The Bible, and Prayer.

You are "blessed" (or blissfully happy) when you TRUST in Jesus!

Love ya,